A fun course to play, 3 hours for a round and in very good condition.

Matt - Queen Creek (12/08/16)

We came to FOS in 1999 on the recommendation of friends to look at a house that was for sale. While we were here, we were treated to a round of golf at the Country Club. We both loved the course and after looking at several other houses and condos, we put in a bid on our present home and within 24 hours we were proud owners of a home in FOS! Since we were too young to retire, we decided to rent our home out for a couple years. We did manage to come down for a couple of weeks each year until 2003 when we retired and spent the whole winter as snowbirds in FOS. We have made so many wonderful friends. We love the golf. We love the camaraderie. We couldn’t ask for a better place to make our “second home”.

Ron and Joyce Olberding - Dyersville, Iowa

As we approach our 6th year here at Fountain of the Sun (aka Fountain of Fun!!), our decision to become homeowners and Country Club members was the best decision we could have made as we get closer to retirement.

We started to look in Florida, the Carolinas and settled on Arizona for the obvious reasons; no humidity, no hurricanes, just overall wonderful weather.

The criteria we used:

  • Must be a 55 year + community
  • Good social life
  • Anchored by a Country Club
  • Must be well maintained
  • Hospitals and shopping need to be close

When we found Fountain of the Sun, to use a sports analogy, we “hit a grand slam!” Everything on our list of needs has far exceeded our expectations. Added to that, the intangible element that is hard to quantify the great people and new friends from all over North America. We gained a large family when we settled in Fountain of the Sun. And even though one of us is not yet retired, we are still able to enjoy so many of the activities that go on all the time.

When talking with friends back East, we refer to our situation here as being back in college (the best years of our lives), living on campus… but not having to go to class! Two old Buckeyes (Ohio) living on the desert, surrounded by caring friends. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Think about the neighborhood atmosphere from the 60’s, mix in great people, a well maintained golf course, coupled with secure, pristine streets, and that would be Fountain of the Sun (aka Fountain of Fun).

Tony and Bonnie Prioreschi - Danbury, Connecticut

We are second generation members of Fountain of the Sun Country Club and can’t imagine being anywhere else!

For 25+ years we visited, played golf, were entertained at the restaurant and lounge and, most importantly, were introduced to mom and dad’s friends who made up the FOSCC family.

So… the choice of a retirement community was easy for us. We continue to enjoy the amenities of the club and our family of friends, old and new alike. We always look forward to welcoming new friends to our FOSCC community. It is such fun becoming acquainted with each and every one and many times we find out how small our world really is when we meet someone who lived in our tiny town years ago!

There’s something for everyone here and for all levels of golfers, beginner to “pro”! What a great life!

Jerry and Margi Wagner

We joined Fountain of the Sun Country Club because we were impressed with both the condition and the challenge of the golf course. We enjoy the League play and tournaments held throughout the winter season, such as; The Horse Races, Can-Am, The Jack Rabbit, and especially the Friday Mixed Hat and Giggle League.

The socials are a fantastic way to make new friends – the 19th hole after the Hit & Giggle, Monday Bar-B-Que, Dinner Dances, Mystery Theatre, Fridays All You Can Eat Fish Fries and Wednesday’s Happy Hour. Loads of fun!

The Restaurant and Lounge were very important factors in our decision to buy in FOSCC. We also liked the idea of a secure, gated community with so many other amenities – pool, spa, activity center, billiards room, library, exercise room, etc.

Since we have been here we are very impressed with all the work done by volunteers – people who live here and want to improve the course and buildings in the resort. FOSCC is a great organization run by very conscientious people who make a person feel very welcome here. We would encourage others to consider becoming a part of Fountain of the Sun Country Club.

Floyd and Clara Baldwin - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

The plantings along the course are beautiful, we played a shot gun which turned out well.

Marilyn - Phoenix (1/21/16)

Fountain of the Sun (FOS) is a total community where people are the #1 priority. It is a community with unlimited opportunities to be active and build new and lasting friendships.

Fountain of the Sun has an outstanding 18-hole executive golf course and program that embraces and challenges all levels of golf. At our recent Pro-AM tournament it was common to hear comments like “This is the best PRO-Am Tournament we attend”.

The Wave may have been invented in Fountain of the Sun. Everyone waves to everyone – walkers, bikers and golf cart drivers. If they don’t know you , everyone figures they will eventually.

Connie Van Meter - Chicago, Illinois

We started thinking about where we wanted to retire in 1990 which corresponded with the retirement of our respective parents.

Barry’s parents retired to Mesa, AZ in the Fountain of the Sun Community. They immediately become engaged in the community. The both took up golf and joined the Fountain of the Sun Country Club. The Country Club was not just a place to golf for them but also a social outlet.

On the other hand Donn’s parents retired to a very small town in the middle of Texas. As we neared retirement, a list of reasons why we would not retire to certain areas was complied. The first reason. we wouldn’t want to retire to a town where “Dairy Queen” was the nicest restaurant. 2nd reason, there being only one doctor in town. 3rd being that the only social outlet was through the church and one of the last reasons, that “Wal-Mart” was your only choice for any major purchases. Of course, with anywhere in Texas and if you aded enough miles, other options were available and a 35 mile one-way trip was considered nothing to get to the nearest mall.

With the above options, there was no doubt of our choice. We chose to live in Fountain of the Sun Community where it feels like a small town but anything you want can be found  and obtained within a 5 mile radius of the park. We moved here in 2000 and have never regretted our choice.

One of the first things we did was to join Fountain of the Sun Country Club. There was no doubt that this was our best choice as it provided an instant introduction to many people of the community. We both took golf lessons and started playing with the Golf Leagues. There are many people like us who have never played golf before but being retired gives you a chance to try new things.

Also, you must know that the Fountain Edge, the Country Club restaurant, serves up wonderful food in a pleasant setting. It’s a great place to gather with your friends fora friendly breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also start your week with the Sunday buffet which is out of this world.

Why do we love it here? We love it because the Fountain of the Sun Country Club is a wonderful place to meet new friends and get involved. We would recommend it to anyone. That’s why we have lived here and have been members of the country club for over 11 years. Come join us and try it out for yourself.

Donna and Barry Jensen - Lanham, Maryland

Look, we all know where seniors stay round the city… especially when the snowbirds are in town. I booked this round not even thinking about it and my buddy and I ended up being the youngest people within 5 square miles. Driving range was short so I only got to warm up with my driver for a few swings, but that’s ok. Shotgun start with seniors was meant for a long day, right? Wrong! Pace of play was absolutely fantastic. I think I waited 5 minutes of less on a few holes. The greens were immaculate. They rolled true and balls stuck. You could throw darts at the greens all day. Course layout is fairly easy. They have a 400 yard par 5, which you can expect at a seniors course. Overall I had a lot of fun with the two others we got paired up with and would love to come back in the summer to see if the greens hold up. Great place to work on your irons.

Dan White - Mesa (2/01/16)

Since retiring in 2000, we had spent our winters in various parks from CA to FL. We had come to the conclusion that you had to travel with friends to feel included. Buying into the Fountain of the Sun was the start of a new beginning.

Joining the country club has proven to be the best choice. We have met so many nice people. We’ve been included in everything that goes on. So needless to say, we have made numerous friends – some even feel like family! Everyone, including employees of the Pro Shop and Restaurant, is so friendly and caring – what a great bunch of people!

Phyllis and Marcel Berube - Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

We were pleasantly surprised by the very good condition of the course. Both fairways and greens were in excellent condition. It is an executive course so not a championship layout but the par 3’s varied in length and some we quite challenging. The par 5’s (only 2) are short and not overly taxing for novices and seniors. All in all it is a fun experience for a golf outing with friends.

Ted - Calgary (2/24/16)